How do I Choose A Great New Post Box For The Home

When you move house, one of the first things that you want to do is make your mark on it. Some of how people do this are to name the house instead of using a number, decorate the bedroom or living room or install subtle aesthetic changes throughout the house and garden to make it feel like your own. One simple change you can make is by installing a new post box.

The Wall Mounted Post Box

For people who prefer their mail not to be deposited through the letterbox in the front door, the wall-mounted post box is ideal. A wall-mounted post box is generally square or rectangular and is mounted directly onto an exterior wall. It features a front or top slot for the postman to put mail into whilst a lockable door on the front makes it easy to obtain your post when required.

Wall-mounted post boxes are usually made of rust-resistant metal and can come in a standard grey metal finish, chrome finish, or color coated to a wide range of colors.

The Recessed Post Box

If you are looking for something a little sleeker in design, a recessed post box may be a better choice. A recessed post box is usually incorporated into the wall of your home or garden with the front being flush against the wall. The front of the post box typically has a slot for the postman to insert the letters whilst the reverse of the post box, which is on the other side of the wall, has an opening door for you to retrieve your mail from.

Recessed post boxes generally incorporate your house name or number too and come in a range of styles. Depending on where you buy your new post box from, you can choose from a matt or shiny metal finish, wood finish, or colored finish depending on your taste.

The Freestanding Post Box

For people who live in a rural location, have a long private driveway or simply don’t want postmen or other delivery people coming near the house, a freestanding post box might be a better option for you. A freestanding post box is traditionally arched in shade and has a slot for the post to be inserted into and an opening on the other side for you to retrieve your mail from. They are usually mounted on an individual post or a fence post.

Freestanding post boxes come in a range of different materials from metal to wood or plastic. They can also vary greatly in size, shape, and style. You can choose something traditional or something with a novelty look – allowing you to truly make your mark on your new home.


So whether you are moving house or just want a new way to retrieve your post, there is a post box to suit all needs and budgets. Try visiting Renz UK for a wide selection of postbox styles.